9 Master Bedroom Design Mistakes to Bypass this 2024

9 Master Bedroom Design Mistakes to Bypass this 2024

Let’s discuss some of the most typical mistakes homeowners make when remodeling their master bedroom design and how to bypass them easily.

Remodeling your home’s master bedroom design is becoming a trend among Singaporean homeowners. This only means that more households value a comfortable sleeping area after a tiring day.

Who doesn’t deserve an opulent room that combines elegant aesthetics and long-term functionality? So, isn’t it exciting and energizing to think about remodeling our bedroom? But many obstacles are involved in making our personal area the ideal haven of comfort and style.

Generally, there are many factors to consider while renovating a bedroom, from wall painting to selecting the ideal furnishings. For this reason, it’s essential to be aware of typical errors to avoid them and ensure a hassle-free, seamless renovation process overall.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most typical mistakes homeowners make when remodeling their master bedroom design and how to avoid them.


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The Master Bedroom Design and Your Dream Sleeping Space

A makeover on your master bedroom’s design can increase your ability to unwind, provide this space with more efficiency and practicality, and generally make you happy living at home! Although redesigning your bedroom can be enjoyable and thrilling, many misconceptions might keep you from getting the finest results.

After the renovation, you could live with these master bedroom design errors that will secretly but absolutely ruin the ambiance of your bedroom. Take note and avoid the following:

Indefinite planning and budget allocation.

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Nothing is worse than embarking on a renovation job without a well-thought-out budget and plan for your master bedroom design. Doing so can significantly increase complexity and cost as the process goes on.

In fact, you may steer clear of potential issues like overspending and unanticipated complications during renovations by having a clear goal, design plan, and budget. Make sure to partner with the best contractor who can handle both large and small budgets for various home remodeling tasks.

Notably, more extensive renovations are only sometimes preferable because higher costs sometimes translate into higher quality. Remember that understanding your budget is far more crucial than the actual amount. Likewise, a well-defined plan aids in limiting your expenses and preventing overspending.

Many people dream of large-scale kitchen renovations and chic bathroom makeovers their entire lives. Still, in certain situations, it’s improbable that a homeowner will recover more than the construction cost.

Usually, homeowners get at least a 60% return on investment (ROI) of the amount they paid from their daily usage and repair savings. Because of this, spending money on improvements that will improve your home’s comfort level while you live there is preferable to merely trying to raise its worth.


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Incorrect choice of furniture and its position.

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When remodeling their sleeping space, homeowners should always appreciate the importance of choosing bedroom furniture and its position inside the room. Not every master bedroom design makeover requires tearing down the walls! In most cases, you can replace your outdated bedroom furniture with new, contemporary pieces

Consequently, spending money on fashionable and comfy bedroom furniture of the highest caliber is essential.Consider comfort, functionality, and design when purchasing bedroom furniture to avoid making the wrong choice. These days, the market offers various beds and wardrobes in different styles.

Generally, a wardrobe or any closet furniture may refer to the cabinet where you store your clothing or the collection of all your clothes. So, homeowners must decide to design wardrobes to accommodate compact spaces cleverly.

Wardrobes with innovative layouts may squeeze into even the smallest spaces. For instance, a U-shaped closet is another layout option, as it fits your wardrobe into a wall niche that doesn’t take up any additional room.

Furthermore, you can choose from various walk-in closets and heavy-duty cabinets. A sliding door wardrobe and 2-door and 3-door models are perfect for creating a neat and clutter-free appearance in your room.

Disregarding bedroom measurements.

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Imagine devoting hours to searching, selecting, and ordering the ideal bed, only to discover afterward that it will not fit in your space. Isn’t that a terrible feeling when you decide to remodel your master bedroom design?

As unbelievable as it may seem, many homeowners are renovating their bedrooms without considering the value of measurements. What, then, is the remedy? The solution is as easy as measuring everything before purchasing any fixture or even doing the makeover layout.

And by no means are we discussing taking eye or approximate measurements here. By simply using a measuring tape, you can accurately measure each corner of your room.

Additionally, before purchasing, remember to measure the space’s height and width before shopping for your dream bedroom furniture. If you buy any furniture that won’t even fit in your room’s door frame, you will waste more money aside from the renovation expenses.

The most common cause of design mistakes is ignorance of available space. Because it’s better to prevent than to treat, measure your bedroom before designing it. Next, measure everything you plan to include in your bedroom. Check to see if everything will fit in the allocated area.

Prioritizing style before functionality.

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Making the error of putting style and beauty above your necessities and lifestyle while renovating your bedroom is another major mistake.

Consider this a golden rule: Homeowners must never sacrifice with style. Therefore, make sure to invest in comfortable and valuable furniture, bedding, and mattresses of the highest caliber to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room.

Choosing an overly large headboard is among the best examples. In terms of fashion, headboards are an essential element of bedroom aesthetics for a reason. Alternatively, you can choose headboards that may serve as a side table or extra storage.

Just remember not to let style take precedence over proportion. The size of your bedroom and the ceiling height will determine how large or tall your headboard can be.

Wrong choice of lights and lighting fixtures.

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Bedroom lighting becomes a complex problem if it interferes with your sleep if it is bright. On the other hand, you can only work or read in your bedroom if it is light. Thus, always rely on more than one type of lighting.

If your bedroom is excessively bright or dark, it needs more adequate lighting. Therefore, never overlook the lighting while remodeling your master bedroom design to address this. Before you finalize the layout, keep experimenting with other kinds of lighting, like pendant lights, wall sconces, and statement lights.

Note that inadequate or unsuitable lighting can ruin any bedroom, no matter how large or well-organized. Likewise, maintaining windows or other natural lighting sources that allow direct sunshine is a good idea.

Having several types of lighting is crucial in this situation.  For example, you can have a reading and recessed lights for ambient lighting.  Should a workstation be in your bedroom, the space must have its illumination source.

Furthermore, having light dimmers is beneficial for your sleep quality. Recent studies say turning on dimmer lights before you sleep can prepare and condition your body for a good night’s rest.

Forgetting about storage solutions.

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Making the most of the storage is essential, whether the bedroom is in a large bedroom with a walk-in closet or a basement bedroom.

Therefore, homeowners must never forget about storage solutions when remodeling the master bedroom layout. They must be practical and efficient because we use this area for many things—working, sleeping, and other activities. 

To keep your area neat and clutter-free, search for various kinds of wardrobes, open shelves, and other storage options. Furthermore, the smartly designed bedroom furnishings will optimize the available area for long-term functionality.

According to Feng Shui, storing old books, clothes, or even luggage under your bed is not a good practice. Make sure to make as much room as you can under your bed. Then, as you sleep, the qi (life force energy) can circulate freely and uniformly across the energy fields of your bed, reviving you during the night.

Overlooking the windows and ventilation.

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Having natural airflow in the master bedroom is essential to making it cozy and welcoming. Enough ventilation keeps problems like mildew and humidity at bay, which can harm your health.

Hence, constant fresh air flow from natural ventilation makes your space more livable. There are several ways to improve ventilation in your master bedroom, including ducted air conditioning, split systems, and ceiling fans.

Although window treatments can have a significant design impact in a bedroom, many people only choose essential blinds or roll-up blackout shades. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your master bedroom design’s ventilation system.

For example, you can use the many styles of blackout curtains available. Add some essential sheer curtains for the perfect balance of light and seclusion if you must preserve your outdated roll-up shade or blinds.

One of any room’s most remarkable features is the natural airflow. Never give in just to fit in with the furniture. Convert the area around the window into a window sitting with storage underneath if you plan to use it.

Lack of space for mobility.

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Most homeowners require a remodeling of their master bedroom design if they start to feel that the room has less space for mobility. According to Sleep Foundation’s research, sleeping in such bedrooms is unsafe for elderly persons and uncomfortable for young ones. There is a high chance of tripping, falling, or running into objects.

Remember the general guideline that you should have at least two feet of space around your bed when planning your bedroom layout. If you share a room with a partner, ensure your mattress is reachable from both sides.

A natural route through your bedroom should be allowed, particularly to the bathroom. When designing the master bedroom layout, make sure that moving around is more accessible on foot!

Before purchasing furniture, measure once more. If you’ve already purchased furniture, swap it out for sleeker options.

Likewise, ensure you always have a seat somewhere other than your bed. Always add a chair, settee, or two footstools at the foot of your bed. It provides a comfortable transition from the bed area to the rest of the room, giving you an additional sitting spot.

Doing remodeling without professional help.

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Eliminating expert assistance is the final frequent error that many homeowners commit. Thus, hiring a professional to renovate your bedroom is always the finest option.

Initially, homeowners can only determine a number of things if they have the necessary knowledge and abilities. While painting the walls and assembling your closet may seem like enjoyable do-it-yourself bedroom projects, hiring a professional is essential to making significant structural alterations.

Your chosen renovation specialists will make the entire process easy and affordable with their years of expertise, skill, and craftsmanship. They can offer the most creative fixes and layout suggestions for your area. Also, your dedicated project manager can advise you on how to make your ideal bedroom a reality.

One common misconception about home improvement is that renovations are always less expensive. Many do-it-yourself renovations end up costing more in the end. Why? Think about the equipment, abilities, and total amount of time you would require to perform a project.

Furthermore, it can get expensive if you need to be certified in plumbing, tiling, building, and other trades. You might want to consider allowing the professionals to remodel your master bedroom design. In addition, you won’t have to stress about having it redone if mistakes are made if you select a reputable contractor.

Remodel Your Master Bedroom Design with Han Yong’s Room Designer Services

Given how easily a few mistakes in the master bedroom design may turn this procedure into a disaster, the bedroom restoration project requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail.

Remember the tips that we’ve discussed above to bypass bedroom renovation mistakes and create an opulent sleeping place of comfort and design. From measuring your bed and choosing the perfect wardrobes to picking the ideal theme for the area, seeking professional advice remains the most crucial step.

Lastly, there are no myths—just doing the task at hand. Some homeowners think home improvements are a simple, intuitive procedure requiring little to no planning or expertise.

Specific duties are straightforward, while others need in-depth knowledge and skilled artistry. If you embark on a complex renovation without expert advice, you risk your home’s safety.

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Purpose and Beauty Reimagined: Han Yong’s All-Around Services

Han Yong’s decade-long experience in providing room designer services to our past and current clients made us more aware that homeowners prefer a renovation project that guarantees a long-term effect. Thus, we assure you that this investment in your master bedroom design will have a long-lasting impact as we use high-caliber materials and install premium fixtures.

As we focus on putting function and aesthetics at the center of our room designer services, Han Yong assures all its clients that they can afford comfort and beauty inside the bedroom.

We can also assist you in selecting the right bedroom fixtures to maintain your health and make your recently renovated space its best at all times. You can choose from dozens of paint colors, significantly influencing a room’s atmosphere.

Though it may seem more straightforward than renovating the kitchen or bathroom, seeking room designer services involves more steps than you may think. Along with our certified staff, who will execute the groundwork, Han Yong can provide the best fixtures, materials, and customer service to satisfy your needs.

Filling out our form below will help us discover what specific services your bedroom may need now. During our initial consultation, we can also suggest the best bedroom makeover services for your sleeping space.

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