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Modern Living Room Interior Design Deserve Something

This HDB living room offer designs vibe to its fullest potential came from Han Yong renovation contractors. Our client is warmly welcome with awe and wow with a modern interior design style on their grand living room. The carefully designed shelves were part of the space planning to display client years of awards and priceless antique. Topped with a creative interior design idea by filling with circular lighting to brighten the whole living room.   Contact Hang Yong renovation contractor, Singapore now 30 years experiences – reliable renovation services is a call away to help you get started.

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Coco Palms

25 Coco Palms is one of the projects we enjoyed quite a bit because the customer gave us creative freedom. He did want some things, and that’s to make the living space very easy to access. He also wanted lots of natural light in his home. And yes, he wanted to have a dining space right near the living room. As a professional renovation contractor, we saw this as a great opportunity and challenge which we immediately started to work on.

Right from the start the 25 Coco Palms establishment stands out with its location. But at the same time, there’s not a lot of room for error, so we had to make the most out of every corner and space. In the living room we designed lots of storage space, but the furniture is embedding art pieces and the TV as well. So not only do you get plenty of functionality, but the experience as a whole is very interesting and exciting at the same time.

You will also notice the fact that right near the couch there’s a table with 5 chairs where the entire family or your friends can eat without a problem. The cooking space is separate, but the customer wanted this unique interior design Singapore because it’s nice, fun and unique. It also makes it easier for you to move around and watch TV with everyone!

In the bedroom we got to make the sleeping space as comfortable as possible and you also have lots of light. Of course you have shutters that can easily turn the lights off and you will enjoy a good night’s sleep. The cool thing about this is that there’s also storage space on the wall right after the bed, not to mention the client also wanted to store his art pieces too. So this home renovation Singapore design is very personalized and focused on making the most out of every corner. In fact, the bedroom has the TV right near the window so you can still have fun watching stuff before you sleep.

The 25 Coco Palms project was a great success, the customer liked how we managed to create a stellar bedroom interior design and a wonderful living room while also making the most out of every square inch. If you have a similar situation without lots of living space, no worries. We can help you handle that fast and easy. Just get in touch with us and let us help right away!

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The Water Place

Our renovation at the No 171 The Water Place was quite an interesting one. And that’s because the client wanted a good renovation contractor from Singapore which would keep the same color scheme for most of the house. That was a great idea and we immediately jumped in with a wonderful interior design Singapore idea that the customer liked right away.

As you can see in these 3D Renders, the light maroon tones really set the location apart and make it stand out in masterful ways. You rarely get to acquire this kind of features and you do need to find the best approach that will make such a location powerful and distinctive. And in this case it does tend to work the way you want for sure.

This project focused on the use of panels. The kitchen furniture includes panel-based storage systems and you have a similar approach in the bathroom too. The kitchen is all about having a simple cooking space for casual cooking. It’s nothing too complex, the focus is on having a place to prepare some meals, coffee in the morning and lots of storage space as well.

This bedroom renovation was also focused more on simplicity and quality. It uses a darker color for tiles and a lighter color for the furniture. This all blends together quite nicely, offering you the quality and great attention to detail that you would need in a situation like this. The fact that we had to make the most out of every tiny bit was space was a huge priority, but we managed to provide a great, relaxing and exciting space where the customer can enjoy his time and cool down after a challenging day.

With the No 171 The Water Place we are bringing in a great interior design idea. The customer was all about value and quality, all while offering a powerful and very distinctive feel. And we believe that everything comes together perfectly with that idea in mind. It works great, it’s really easy to get used to the design and it’s super functional.

If you want such a design we encourage you to contact HANYONG renovation contractor Jack and Theresa as we are a team of professional renovation contractor in Singapore and we can bring in our expertise to your own place. We will create an astounding, high quality kitchen, bathroom or bedroom interior design that you will enjoy!

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Yes we can!

The No 345 Palm Mansions project was quite an interesting option for sure. The client wanted the best interior design Singapore money can buy while also bringing in front some interesting challenges for our team. He has a small cooking space, so the focus was on making the kitchen modern, functional but also accessible.

In the case of this kitchen, we went with a gray and white color combination, which we found natural for an interior design Singapore. Here we made it easy for the client to reach both the upper and lower storage, all while offering him multiple options in regards to adding his stove and cooking system. As a renovation contractor Singapore we did bring in lots of ideas, but he chose this one and we do believe this suits his place the best. The stove and other cooking tools are easy to access. There aren’t too many cooking gadgets, which made things better and also quite easier for us.

Then we went with the bedroom renovation Singapore. Here we wanted to add as much diversity as possible. We brought in glass panels for both the furniture as well as the door itself. The customer wanted lots of natural light, so this fits in perfectly with his request and it manages to provide the necessary creative freedom.

On top of that, the No 345 Palm Mansions project is all about convenience. Everything is very easy to access, something that was a key component in the bedroom interior design talk we had with the client. But as you will notice from these images, the colors look great, they are super adaptable to the overall design and you will have a powerful blend of colors within the entire home.

Despite the fact that the No 345 Palm Mansions project might not have lots of space, our experience as a renovation contractor made it easy for our team to come up with a simple, yet very good design that includes everything you want in a powerful package. It’s a stellar and unique opportunity, one that does tend to pay off very well if you do it right. The customer enjoys how everything came together and he does appreciate how easy to access and functional the entire design came to be. If you need a professional renovation contactor Singapore that can provide this type of work quality, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our team today. We are more than happy to provide customers with the best home renovation Singapore at an affordable price!

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Evergreen park

It’s never easy to try and achieve the results you want when it comes to your day to day life. You need to go through lots of challenges, hard work and commitment. But when you come home you want to feel happy and refreshed, eliminate all anxiety and just live in great comfort. Which is exactly what the No 31C Evergreen Park renovation is all about.

For this particular renovation, the client asked us to be their renovation contractor Singapore and he wanted to make his bathroom feel more appealing, all while making the most out of his small kitchen space. Since we provide both interior design Singapore and bathroom as well as bedroom renovation Singapore, we were up for the challenge.

The bathroom was a bit cluttered, so we wanted to simplify things a little bit. This is why you can find a very interesting, downright simplistic design here. There’s lots of storage space, but at the same time you don’t have to worry about walking over stuff and not using it the way you want. That’s obviously a problem, so we removed that and made the bathroom simple, but at the same time fun and a friendly place where you can hang out and enjoy your time.

In addition, the No 31C Evergreen Park kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space. Which is why we wanted to offer a great cooking space in the middle, with storage at the bottom and over the cooking space. You also have the fridge on the right too. We believe this is the best interior design Singapore for this kind of space and the client agreed. He wanted something simple, but functional and which would allow him to have tons of storage space. This interesting approach brings in the convenience and value you do want from something like this without having to rush anything in a particular manner.

The No 31C Evergreen Park renovation was a great experience for us and the client loved our work. This was a home renovation Singapore experience that brought us a unique challenge, and that is to offer our customer a way to make the most out of the current space without making it feel cluttered or unnatural. We are happy with the results and we know that lots of clients will want a similar interior just because it offers the perfect blend of value, quality and functionality. If you want a great renovation like this one, just contact us right now, we are your ultimate renovation contractor!

No. 60 Trevose Crescent2019-04-05T05:47:37+00:00


You found it!

When you find a renovation contractor you always want to offer him a powerful home renovation Singapore idea. The reality is that a comprehensive design like the one you can find in this No 60 Trevose Crescent home is nothing short of extraordinary.

Right from the start, the interior is all about minimalism. You get to focus on value and quality while also removing everything that brings in a sense of clutter or problem. In addition, the No 60 Trevose Crescent establishment has colors that are toned down. This is great because it delivers the best interior design Singapore and you have lots of stuff to play with.

You can add in some extra colors from your armchair or then chair at the desk, a beautiful TV on the wall and a wavy, cool carpet with some comprehensive tones. This interior design Singapore is unique because it shows just how important it is to renovate your home. You get to showcase the warmth and value in your life, all while bringing in front notions and ideas that work really well.

The No 60 Trevose Crescent renovation project was also focused on bringing in more natural light into the bedroom. But aside from focusing on that, the bedroom renovation Singapore design also brought in some artificial light and LEDs put in select places. This offers the perfect way to bring in quality, beautiful lights that you can reuse again and again.

In regards to the kitchen, the focus was on making it functional and easy to use. And this certainly works really well. The renovation contractor Singapore that was chosen for this project really pushed the boundaries when it comes to quality and visuals. It’s easy to see that there are plenty of interesting features, such as incorporated electrical tools, lots of storage and a modern look overall.

The entire No 60 Trevose Crescent renovation was all about bringing in a new look and offering that fresh change that people wanted to have here. It certainly works in a powerful manner and the return on investment is certainly worth it, which is what you really need in a situation like this.

A good renovation contractor Singapore and a team with the best interior design Singapore ideas can really take a dull, simple design and make it downright amazing. The No 60 Trevose Crescent apartment is a great example, if someone got such an amazing design, you can get it done too!

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Landed property renewed; occupants pride reborn

Han Yong landed renovation contractors Singapore gave it their best in this landed house living room renovation project. Our interior designers ensured it’s one of the best interior designs for a landed property; it was so easy because of the years of experience, skills, and trend-on knowledge. For example we brought in executive chairs to complement the style of the table, worked in glass dividers, and used brown wooden floor to match the colour scheme. What a renewed pride for the owners. The trick is in all those little details even the eye-catching lighting can’t help you see. You’ll have to experience it. Contact us today for your landed property renovation and you’ll be proud you made the call.

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Thoughtful bedroom renovation

At Han Yong bedroom renovation contractors, Singapore, we think deeply about the decisions we make. The colours in this condo bedroom renovation complemented each other, the choice of closet created space, and the art on the wall is the delight of an art lover. Dark coloured floor against a white ceiling and the illusion of a claustrophobic bursting illusion is created. If you desire careful thoughts to go into your condo renovations like we did in this bedroom restoration, then contact us today.

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Condo renovations: this work station is giving a smoking hot job

Who’d have thought that it’s possible to look forward to work and work at home for that matter? Except if your table is placed in the front of an ergonomic chair and below an easy to reach clutter-free storage shelve. These might help of course, but picking distraction-less colours and a solid flooring is an added advantage. All these came into this job, they all are products of due diligence and solution driven concept that has helped Han Yong produce the best interior design concepts in Singapore. Contact us lets help you solve your condo renovation challenges.