Recondition your Washroom’s Functionality and Design with Han Yong’s HDB Toilet Renovation Services

Complete Your HDB Toilet Renovation Needs with a Certified Contractor

New residents of residential spaces that were previously occupied by another family for three years or longer undoubtedly need a complete HDB toilet renovation prior to the move-in. A redesigned bathroom that matches its functionality is perfect for all families who want to use the HDB unit temporarily or permanently.

Seamless HDB Toilet Renovation Process: Han Yong’s Formula

A luxuriously designed and seamlessly relaxing bathroom is how Han Yong envisions a complete HDB toilet renovation. After our initial consultation, our skilled design team will create a roadmap of how the whole process will move forward before we begin the groundwork.

As an HDB-compliant contractor, the following are some design decisions that go into making your washroom opulently functional:

Fully-upgraded Shower System

Showers nowadays are more spacious and individually designed than in the past. Your shower’s design begins with the selection of shower heads. Notably, this comes with a range of features, including massage and misting.

We would also prefer to install a personal body spray to add a unique touch to anyone who uses the shower. This means that every family member can customize their own shower settings using digital controls.

Modern bathtubs

After the HDB toilet renovation, we would want your bathroom to be one of the first places where you can spend more time relaxing and soaking in refreshing water. We understand how a long bath can send us into a stress-free state of mind and body. So, we’ll install your dream bathtub design and style.

During the planning phase, we will let you select between a built-in or a free-standing bathtub to fit your style preferences and match the design of your house. We can also suggest types of faucet bodies or soap holders that you want to complement your bathtub.

Lighting, Mirrors, and Storage

As one of the Housing and Development Board‘s accredited contractor, all clients that we handled from our decade-long experience in bathroom remodeling prefer optimal lighting, functional mirrors, and a convenient storage system. Therefore, we can guarantee our future clients that we will furnish everything that you need for maximum comfort.

During the bathroom remodeling, we can set up an easy-to-maintain storage system to reduce the washroom clutter in order to maintain a calm bathroom design. Having a dedicated space in your bathroom with strategically placed mirrors and lighting can facilitate a seamless and orderly transition. This remains true whether you utilize it for morning prep or evening preparations.

Cost-Effective HDB Toilet Renovation: Han Yong’s Guarantee

During the HDB toilet renovation proposal presentation, our project manager will provide you with a detailed evaluation of what can and cannot be modified in your bathroom. In this way, we can present you with cost-effective solutions for the whole remodeling process based on your needs and habits.

Since we value your preferences on the bathroom redesign, it is important for us to offer you important information about the design options, washroom fixtures, and our projected timeline. This way, we can create a comprehensive cost estimate before any groundwork starts.

Hence, Han Yong guarantees that there won't be any unnecessary expenses or add-on charges once the reconstruction starts after you sign the contract. We go over every step of the remodeling process in great detail, making sure nothing is missed.

In this manner, you get a sense of the range of tasks we promise to accomplish. Unless you specifically request modifications like doors or windows, there won't be any surprises in your service bill.

Dynamic Project Management: Han Yong’s Zeal for HDB Toilet Renovation

Han Yong’s HDB toilet renovation service is designed to satisfy customers who value fine-touch finishes in their washrooms while being actively involved in the decision-making process. This is our decade-long zeal for professionalism that we always guarantee, regardless of the size or type of the project.

We are fully aware that you look forward to a stunning bathroom after the project. Thus, our project managers and our certified staff have the high standards, know-how, and experience needed to finish your remodeling project to the highest standards.

The complexity of your bathroom space, the volume of required labor, and the availability of contractors are some of the variables that might affect how long a bathroom renovation project takes.

Based on our experience, a modest to moderate bathroom renovation project usually takes two to three weeks to finish. Larger projects, however, that require specific designs or structural adjustments may cause the timetable to be extended by up to eight weeks.

HDB-Certified Services: Han Yong’s Offer for All Homeowners

In Singapore, any bathroom remodeling job that involves structural changes, electrical or plumbing work, or plan adjustments on residential spaces provided by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) requires a permit. Furthermore, the government only allows HDB-certified contractors to carry out any form of renovation or remodeling on HDB units.

Therefore, partnering with an HDB-certified company that offers HDB toilet renovation simplifies the task of securing the permit itself and carrying out the remodeling project itself. Remember that getting the right contractor guarantees that construction laws and regulations are followed, protecting both your safety and the long-term worth of your house.




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