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Householders who decided to turn their dream kitchen renovation into reality realize that the cookroom that they prefer should be both functional and stylish now and beyond. Modern kitchens no longer just serve cooking purposes. Nowadays, they have become the heart of the house, where the whole family can spend time doing anything together.

Working with a skilled team when choosing a kitchen remodeling company guarantees that you will be pleased with the outcome for many years to come. You might be a homeowners who is an elegant minimalist or someone who prefers an intricately detailed traditional design? Han Yong’s award-winning designers and architects offer kitchen renovation services that combine skill, creativity, and top-notch customer service.

Kitchen Renovation

Budget-friendly Kitchen Renovation for All Homeowners: Han Yong’s Promise

Are you a new homeowner or someone who just wants to move into a new residence? Han Yong works to ensure that all our kitchen renovation projects are budget-friendly. In fact, our team treats each project equally. So we always come up with the best new kitchen from the budget that you agreed to allocate without diminishing quality service or efficiency.

We fully understand that your kitchen may become a more efficient, livable, and inviting focal point of your house. This becomes better with a redesign tailored to your needs and style. As part of our promise to all our past and existing clients, we will use high-caliber equipment and install the best fixtures and materials that match the project budget.

Functional Kitchen Space for Families: Han Yong’s Preference

As one of the Housing and Development Board‘s accredited contractor, our cohesive group of designers, architects, and builders specializes in creating kitchen ideas that fit your lifestyle. For each project that we plan and execute, all our clients can rely on our knowledgeable staff and tried-and-true methodology from beginning to end.

As part of our decade-long commitment, we transform your kitchen into the elegant, useful center of your house. These are a few of the initial projects that we can do during the kitchen renovation process.


While designing a bespoke kitchen, space planning is crucial. Based on important questions about how you will use the space most frequently, professional interior designers may assist you in deciding how to organize your kitchen most efficiently.

The way your kitchen will look determines how much you enjoy using the area on a regular basis. This is true whether your priorities are baking and cooking, spending quality time with your family, or any form of entertainment.


Cabinetry takes up a large portion of your kitchen renovation budget. Also, it has a big impact on how the room looks and feels overall. In this field, the proficiency and direction of a qualified design team are essential.

Here at Han Yong, a skilled designer can guide you through the intricacies of cabinet design. We can also teach you to carefully consider your demands and choose the best style, quality, and price.

Lighting and ventilation

The way your kitchen looks and feels depends heavily on the lighting and ventilation system. Our certified lighting designer will present you with a series of designs on how we can install the lights and windows at your house.

We can start with the levels of light and windows, then move on to the different accent, decorative, and ambient materials that we can use. These layers' subtle differences provide a striking overall effect once we are done remodeling your kitchen.

Modern Appliances

Energy efficiency has emerged as a top consideration for households selecting new appliances. But little indulgences have also become fundamental to kitchen design.

Espresso makers and built-in wine closets are examples of appliances that bring a little elegance and ease to daily life. We want you to appreciate your kitchen renovation daily after the turnover.

Hoods and backsplashes

Backsplashes and range hoods, which were formerly only functional elements, are now important design elements in kitchen renovation.

The options for expressing oneself are almost limitless. Granite, marble, stainless steel, other metals, textured glass, ceramic tiles, mosaics, and stone are just a few of the materials that we can use to construct backsplashes.

We can guarantee that each fixture that we add has something unique to offer for the design of a room. Custom-designed hoods might be strong architectural features for a modern home or elaborate molding details for a classic design, punctuating the decor of your area.

Storage System

How simple it is to work in and use on a daily basis is one of the things that will determine how much you appreciate your kitchen in the future. The newest storage options that we have installed in our previous kitchen renovation projects feature a contemporary, useful utility.

Meal preparation, cooking, and entertaining become efficient and organized with walk-in pantries. Pull-out cabinets and pantries offer a smooth, sleek style while also making them easy to use.

We can install more than just "magic" corner cabinets that swivel and rotate to accommodate twice the typical space. Furthermore, we can mount regular cabinet drawers, which can also be equipped with incredibly structured dividers. This will make locating the perfect cooking utensil effortless.

Client-Centered Projects from Start to End: Han Yong’s Plan of Action

From all the projects that we’ve handled, we’ve noticed that every client has their own story to tell about why they want a specific kitchen renovation design. Thus, we can transform your thoughts, ideas, and recollections into stunning, useful designs. Notably, we pay close attention to your preferences and goals before we present the final blueprint.

As an HDB-compliant contractor, our well-thought-out methodology assists you in defining and exploring your idea for your kitchen remodeling. Thus, we may ask a lot of questions regarding your present house during our in-depth, one-on-one conversations that comprise the first stage.

We always look forward to working together to determine your ideal design and functional needs, as well as your intended usage of the new space. Then, we can also check through your wall art, collected items from your travels, and magazine clippings that you’ve saved.

Afterwards, we can start drawing your area with accurate drawings. On our bespoke presentation boards, we play around with layouts, colors, textures, and materials. We will let you choose which one works best for your taste.




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