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As homeowners, we prefer to sleep, wake-up, and live in a space that ensures comfort, convenience, and aesthetic preference. When you are on the same page with how a licensed HDB Renovation sees what your future home would look like, you secure a livable space with a long-term opulence. No questions asked!

With Han Yong, we guarantee world-class yet affordable HDB-compliant projects throughout Singapore with our tested and proven Four-Step Plan Feature: Consult, Propose, Develop, and Reveal. This blueprint to our company’s prime excellence will redefine your living experience regardless of your budget, space, and preference.

HDB Renovation Services: Han Yong’s Prime Excellence

As one of Singapore’s world-class prime contractors, Han Yong Building Contractor onboards all HDB renovation projects with prime excellence through its certified specialists, trained staff, reputable equipment, and quality processes. No project is small, medium, or big for us as we make sure that we deliver the best results depending on the demands of our clients.

If you intend to renovate your HDB home or office space, you absolutely must work with a reputable HDB certified renovation contractor. Therefore, our commitment to prime excellence has always been the same more than a decade ago from the first client we’ve worked with up until our ongoing projects up to this hour.

Integrity in Affordability: Han Yong’s Success in HDB Renovation

From our years of work in the HDB renovation field, Han Yong has received projects that came from previous contractors who failed to carry out the project. We have heard and resolved many accounts of home improvement projects gone terribly wrong, including abandoned jobs, leaking plumbing, clogged drains, sewage defects, and worse issues in the long run.

If an HDB renovation contractor turns out to be unreliable, you’ll probably regret that day you signed up for their pitch. Usually, these companies may offer everything you dreamed of such as the affordable rates, quickest turnover, irresistible package freebies, and other too good to be true perks. But you’ll end up stretching your budget thrice and redo everything from scratch despite empty promises.

Certified Work and Client Safety: Han Yong’s Long-term Brand

As a registered HDB renovation contractor in Singapore’s Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC), Han Yong Building Contractor is one of the best companies who is legally allowed to accept, execute, and turnover renovation projects across the country’s 80% HDB flats.

Working with an HDB-compliant contractor safeguards both the structure itself and the long-term safety of its future homeowners. Consequently, we always provide a Public Housing Renovation Certificate to all our clients before doing any groundwork after signing the project contract. So, this demonstrates our professionalism, compliance, and integrity regardless of project size towards its completion.

Furthermore, only HDB-certified are authorized by the government to carry out any type of major modification to HDB flats and homes. Thus, its tenants must adhere to the HDB renovation guidelines to avoid any legal offense since they are required to secure a Notice of Alteration with Singapore’s Housing and Development Board to proceed with the project.

How does the HDB Renovation Project work?

Although the size and scope of interior renovations may differ, the truth is that these redesign procedures are all based on the same fundamental ideas. Thus, professionals must use an organized approach while designing and carrying out both sorts of renovation projects.

This is the protocol that we follow:


Initial Conversation:

We consider this as an essential part of the HDB Renovation process. Our experience has shown that the likelihood of a project succeeding is high when our customer and our team are on the same page from the beginning.

As a two-way channel of communication, we'll hear your goals, expectations, and concerns throughout the renovation process in addition to offering our professional advice.

Upon request, we can schedule a physical or virtual visit to your location. At this point, we will evaluate the current state of the space to better understand your needs and desired outcomes.


Interior design and space planning.

Since we value collaboration as part of our renovation process, we'll design a layout based on the initial discussion.

Let's maximize the use of the area you have available, taking into account things like measurements, flow, ergonomics, comfort, and function.

Additionally, we'll produce close to accurate illustrations or a three-dimensional perspective of the plan. Notably, all our designs will include a logical blend of usefulness and style.

Cost and time table presentation.

This step help you visualize how your space will appear after the HDB renovation. So, we'll show you the floor and furniture plans as well as perspective drawings. Also, we will talk about the project's budget, schedule, and scope.


Total project oversight.

Following your decision to use Han Yong as your renovation contractor, you will be paired with a project manager who will serve as a liaison between you and the staff who will be doing the groundwork.

Let's make sure that your project is finished on schedule and within the allotted budget. Despite our prime services, we’ll guarantee that there will be no additional costs or shortcuts in the whole construction period.

Application for Permit and Purchase of Materials

If necessary for your project, we will apply for the appropriate permissions and obtain official certification from the government.

As for the materials that we will use for the renovation project; we'll make use of the highest caliber supplies that fits your budget.

Upon the request and approval, we will procure custom items stipulated in the agreement. This includes the furniture, cabinets, doors, door frames, aluminum window grilles, gates, cabinets, and more.

Remodeling and setting up

We will start the renovation as soon as the materials, equipment, and requested fixtures are delivered. This will ensure that there will be no inconvenience during the process.


Transfer and quality control

Following the completion of the HDB renovation project, we will remove all debris and do the general cleaning.

After the joint site inspection with the project manager, you will have an opportunity to suggest any final details.

Once the touch-up procedure is finished and you are happy with the results, the renovation warranty will be furnished.

Modification and addition.

In order to guarantee that your property is maintained in good condition during the project, we will collaborate with licensed architects and engineers. Hence,. there won't be much disturbance to the environment.




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