9 HDB Toilet Makeover Essentials for 2024

9 HDB Toilet Makeover Essentials for 2024

HDB Toilet Makeover Essentials for 2024

Partnering with a certified contractor for your HDB toilet makeover not only upgrades your washroom’s design but also its long-term functionality. As a Singaporean homeowner, a remodeled bathroom that matches its functionality is perfect for all families who want to use the HDB unit temporarily or permanently.

But not every bathroom makeover has to cost you a lot of money or require you to remove any fixtures or walls. Furthermore, you can redesign the toilet layout itself on a tight budget without sacrificing style or quality.

As an HDB homeowner, you should know the best course of action for your dream bathroom in case you require plumbing or other specialized work done with minimal issues and expenses. New residents of residential spaces that were previously occupied by another family for three years or longer undoubtedly need a significant renovation prior to the move-in.

On this blog, we’ll discuss nine modern HDB toilet makeover essentials that Singaporean homeowners need to consider in 2024.

The HDB Toilet Makeover and Your Home

Nobody has ever said that an old bath with leaking plumbing and yellowing grout is the ideal location to start and end the day. In fact, bathroom remodels typically yield a substantial return on investment. Among all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is the one where people appreciate the shiny polish of freshness the most.

Homeowners love remodeling bathrooms more than they adore remodeling kitchens. Since bathrooms are significantly narrower than kitchens, cleaning is done more quickly and easily. Additionally, by taking up less space, you can save money by using less paint, flooring, cabinets, and countertops.

Does my HDB home need a toilet renovation?

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the best ways to give a house a new outlook on its residential space. Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to involve starting from scratch. Simply changing out the shower heads, faucets, lights, and mirrors can make a big difference in how it looks and feels.

Alternatively, homeowners can also decide to throw away every outdated fixture, repaint the walls, and start over. So, the level of makeover that you want to perform also depends on your goals and, more importantly, how much money you have to work with.

Here are some reasons why you need an HDB toilet makeover in 2024:

Fix recurring toilet issues.

Most bathrooms eventually have water leaks, which cause mildew issues and deteriorating flooring. This is undoubtedly the main motivation behind homeowners’ bathroom renovations. Modern tapware can help you prevent any potential leak-related issues if you feel that your tiles are loose or if your fixtures are leaking.

Added household usage.

In Singaporean homes, remodeling bathrooms is one of the most popular improvement projects. Home and condo owners frequently look for HDB toilet makeover services for a variety of reasons.

Usually, the frequent usage of the washroom space by residents can also be a major reason for bathroom renovation. Added usage of the washroom means more exposure to moisture as well as the fixtures that need to work constantly.

Add storage capacity.

Additionally, some homeowners wish to expand their storage capacity. Adding a variety of modern cabinets to your bathroom is the simplest method to do this.

These functional cabinets not only provide you with more storage space and improve the appearance of your bathroom, but they also add more utility if you choose mirrored cabinets.

Household safety.

Making your bathroom safer is one of the most crucial reasons to think about renovations, particularly if you have small children. It’s true that most accidents at home happen in the bathroom, but there are a few easy fixes to prevent them.

To further improve safety, you might choose to install shower screens, non-slip flooring, and larger doorways, among other bathroom fixtures.

Spruce the washroom.

Consider remodeling your bathroom if it’s old, out-of-date, or just doesn’t fit your style. Notably, entering a place you adore can significantly improve your anxiety, productivity, and mood.

Adding decorations to your bathroom or installing new tiles can easily create the perfect HDB toilet makeover. For example, lighten the space with white wall paint and update the look and feel of the space with ceramic tiles in a soothing color palette.

Energy efficiency.

High-quality bathroom fixtures, low-flow toilet suites, radiant flooring, and water-saving fixtures can significantly increase your bathroom’s energy efficiency. Including eco-friendly fixtures in your renovation may result in a lower water cost in addition to environmental benefits.

For example, installing a consumption-conscious shower head can still give homeowners the same quality bath as pressure-based ones. Additionally, some toilets require less water than before, thanks to improved suction technology. Toilets with dual flush systems are yet another excellent technique to reduce water usage.

Why do I need an HDB contractor for my toilet renovation?

In Singapore, any bathroom remodeling job that involves structural changes, electrical or plumbing work, or plan adjustments on residential spaces provided by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) requires a permit. Furthermore, the government only allows HDB-certified contractors to carry out any form of renovation or remodeling on HDB units.

Therefore, partnering with an HDB-certified company that offers HDB toilet renovation simplifies the task of securing the permit itself and carrying out the remodeling project itself. Remember that getting the right contractor guarantees that construction laws and regulations are followed, protecting both your safety and the long-term worth of your house.

Thus, HDB toilet makeover services provided by a certified contractor can satisfy customers who value fine-touch finishes in their washrooms while being actively involved in the decision-making process.

During the proposal presentation, the project manager shall provide a detailed evaluation of what can and cannot be modified in your bathroom. In this way, you will better understand the HDB guidelines on toilet renovation and find cost-effective solutions for the whole remodeling process based on your needs and habits.

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HDB Toilet Renovation Tips for Homeowners

Initially, the options may be overwhelming to you if you’re searching for bathroom remodeling ideas. Bathroom makeover sites and magazines abound with gorgeous designs that never seem to go out of style. So, which one fits best for your needs and preferences?

Our list below gives you nine essential tips on how to move forward with your ideal HDB toilet makeover in 2024.

Create a budget plan.

Budget Clipart

Generally speaking, you’re investing in both yourself and your home when you have the chance to customize it to your specific taste. The expense of renovating a home or bathroom can go out of control without a set budget.

Researching local custom-building costs, creating a reasonable budget, and attempting to stick to it are the answers. Therefore, selecting the best contractor or design-build company that provides fixed prices instead of estimations can make this process simpler.

Remember that an HDB toilet makeover becomes costly because of labor and your preferred material expenditures. This is why reputable bathroom general contractors are in high demand because of their exceptional skills and the licenses of the subcontractors they work with.

Consider the cost of everything from tiles to a bathtub if you want to remodel your current bathroom with more upscale materials. You must consider the following factors when creating your budget:

  • How long will you stay in the HDB residence?
  • Do you intend to upgrade or remodel other parts of the home within the year or in the future?
  • Would you like plumbed-in items to have their locations changed?
  • Which components of the old bathroom are still working?
  • What fixtures do you need for the upgraded toilet that are completely necessary?
  • How much can you afford to invest in this renovation project?

Decide on your preferred bathroom type.

Bathroom designs, dimensions, and configurations vary widely. When you rebuild, it’s likely that you won’t alter the style of the bathroom. But before you set your thoughts in stone (or grout!), it’s worthwhile to consider all of your possibilities.

Hence, a skilled interior designer from a trusted provider can assist you in seeing opportunities that you are not yet able to identify. For example, by just taking some space from a walk-in closet or bedroom, a little half bath may become an elegant master suite.

Standard toilet type.

HDB Toilet Makeover Standard toilet

A standard or typical bathroom, often known as a full bath, has a toilet, sink, and either a bath or a shower. This means that families who live in at least a ten-year-old HDB home can make use of a single and fully equipped bathroom.

When renovating or building a master suite, homeowners frequently aim for an opulent, spa-like atmosphere. Imagine a separate steam shower, soaking tub, and skylights. A well-planned master suite can provide a restorative haven within the house. This can remove long lines during morning shower time and free up the current standard bath for family use.

Powder washroom.

HDB Toilet Makeover Powder washroom

A powder room, often known as a half bath, is a small area in a residential space with just a toilet and a sink. Specifically, a half bathroom can make a big difference in your life if you reside in an older HDB property with just one full bathroom.

Similarly, if you have visitors staying over, having everyone get ready in the morning at the same time might relieve some of the strain on your master bath. Guests can use the powder room instead of invading your personal bathroom area if you’re having dinner guests over.

Wet bathroom.

HDB Toilet Makeover wet bathroom

Notably, a wet bathroom type refers to a whole bathroom with a shower that isn’t in a separate cubicle or concealed by a curtain. Usually, the walls, cupboards, and floor of wet bathtubs are all entirely waterproof.

This type of washroom can have a sleek, contemporary appearance without any heavy shower doors to obstruct the view. However, it is also quite useful. Water splattering on the walls or floor won’t be a concern because they are completely waterproofed.

Universal design principles also apply well to wet baths. This is because there are no curbs or other barriers that might prevent a person with limited mobility from safely entering and exiting the shower.

Wet bathtubs also save space, which is an additional benefit. Square footage can be valuable when remodeling or adding a bathroom to your house.

By eliminating the need for a shower frame or stall, the wet bath method allows you to fit more into a smaller space. Although they are a bit more expensive, wet tubs are the most long-lasting bathroom design option and a great investment.

Build an HDB toilet makeover layout.

There are endless options for bathroom layouts, depending on the size and shape of the space you have to deal with. Establishing a solid layout is necessary before you can consider the design of your bathroom makeover.

Rearranging walls and plumbing fixtures can quickly increase the cost of remodeling a bathroom. Of course, occasionally the current arrangement just isn’t functional.

Perhaps the design of your old bathroom was subpar. Possibly, you require additional room. It’s possible that you are turning a half bath into a full bath. For a variety of reasons, you may need to alter the layout. That’s when things can get complicated.

Generally speaking, you will have fewer options for layout the smaller the area. An 8′ x 8′ layout can only accommodate a tub, sink, and toilet in so many different configurations. More space, of course, means more options and chances for personalization.

However, you can still maximize the potential of a small space with the assistance of a skilled interior designer or a general contractor. The specialist can also help you modify a larger layout to suit your particular requirements.

Accentuate the light and lighting fixtures.

When constructing a new bathroom during the HDB toilet makeover, a lot of people overlook the lights and the lighting fixtures. However, poor bathroom lighting is easy to spot and can totally ruin the design and functionality of the room.

Natural light source.

HDB Toilet Makeover Natural light source bathroom

Enough natural daylight is the best way to make a bathroom feel lighter and more spacious. Try to include as many windows and possibly even a skylight as you can in your design. You may still be able to use a tubular skylight if the layout of your house doesn’t allow for a standard skylight.

A natural lighting system surrounding the mirror delivers accurate approximations of color and skin tone. Keeping this light source also lets you see how you’ll look when you step outside.

If your bathroom design has a window or windows, you might want to arrange your vanity lights and mirror so that you can face the window. This feature enables you to benefit from vanity illumination after dark and sunlight during the day.

Artificial light layers.

HDB Toilet Makeover Artificial light layers

The sun sets daily. So, even with the best natural lighting design, you’ll still need an excellent artificial lighting scheme.

When deciding where to install the lights, start by considering layers. Recessed LEDs can provide an ambient source of light on a dimmer switch. But keep in mind that overhead lighting might cause unpleasant shadows on the face.

Consequently, make sure the vanity has layers of gentle lighting that are at head level. Try to integrate pure, broad-spectrum illumination that offers a natural appearance to your skin into several contemporary vanities. Steer clear of naked bulbs and bright light sources.

Emphasize the ventilation.

As bathrooms are, by nature, damp spaces, Singapore’s humidity makes the issue worse. According to HDB regulations, your bathroom must have enough ventilation if it features a shower or bathtub.

Good ventilation is essential in all bathrooms to maintain the health of the inhabitants and stop the growth of mold. Bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to mold, which may cause costly damage and stains once homeowners neglect them, particularly in hidden locations.

Although windows might let in pollen, traffic pollution, and even raccoons, they can also be a good source of ventilation. Using open windows to ventilate your bathroom in the winter is a waste of electricity. In addition, the cracked windows while taking a shower can give you chills, especially during the night and early in the morning.

Typically, windows with window vents and exhaust fans provide ventilation. Your contractor can assist you in determining the best location for these fans in the bathroom to maximize airflow. This is why HDB toilet makeovers will resolve ventilation issues in the long run.

Choose durable bathroom fixtures.

Every day, bathrooms take a lot of stress. They must be resilient to extremes in temperature, drastic variations in humidity, and direct immersion in water. In addition, bathrooms must also be visually appealing, resistant to harsh chemicals, and easy to clean.

Knowing where to cut costs and where to invest money in high-quality materials is often necessary to get the most out of a bathroom remodel. So, cutting corners on materials will frequently cost you far more in the long run because they will need to be replaced after a few years.

The longest-lasting bathroom materials will still look brand new for a considerable amount of time; some may even outlast your lifetime. However, they won’t be vulnerable to damp-related problems and will maintain their superior appearance.

Make sure your design calls for premium, non-porous tile. Therefore, porcelain is typically a wise option.

We suggest that HDB homeowners stay away from inexpensive particle-board cabinets. In fact, these storage fixtures might fail in humid settings quickly due to swelling. Similarly, solid wood trim is preferable over other flooring materials.

Also, try to avoid cheap fiberglass or acrylic surfaces. Most porcelain sinks and cast-iron tubs, even the less expensive ones, will stand up for long-term use as well.

Furthermore, investing in solid brass mixing valves for your high-quality plumbing fixtures is a good idea. Aside from the fact that this fixture will last a lifetime, it is more durable for any type of bathroom as opposed to cheap plastic fixtures that will probably fail in a few short years.

Mount the right storage fixtures.

bathroom storage clipart

Because most bathrooms have limited storage, most designers who work on HDB toilet makeovers may suggest mounting built-in shower storage in the walls or in the doors.

Depending on your taste and available space, you can choose between built-in linen closets, floating shelves, mirror cabinets, towel racks, and hooks. All of these items are useful for a mounted cabinet system on the walls.

Contractors can also suggest placing a storage fixture in between the studs or purchasing a prefabricated niche to cover with tile. Just make sure it has enough space to accommodate your essential shower supplies.

For vanity storage, you can choose between two possibilities. First, store-bought to save yourself the hassle. Otherwise, a custom-made one will let you choose materials that do well in high-moisture environments.

However, if you don’t need to, don’t tear up the pipes. Choosing a vanity that will fit with your current plumbing if you’re on a tight budget is a good choice. You can also hide your washroom mess behind cabinet doors or create a cottage-style effect with a curtain and a rod.

Position the bathtub depending on your needs.

bathroom bathtub clipart

For modern homeowners looking to invest in washroom space, where to place the bathtub is a big question.

Although bathtubs are a common feature of traditional and standard bathrooms, recent research about tub use says that we are soaking less and less. Perhaps as time goes on, Singaporeans are more likely to choose to shower than to take a bath. In addition, baths consume a lot more water than showers.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys baths to the fullest extent possible for complete relaxation, then make sure not to forget the bathtub in your HDB toilet renovation. The best places for luxurious baths are in a master bedroom, where you can unwind and forget about the rest of the house.

Are you also interested in renovating your master bedroom? Read to learn more about 12 of the best master bedroom layout tips for Singaporean homeowners.

Moreover, a shower/tub combo is ideal if your space isn’t large enough to accommodate both a large walk-in shower and a bath (and you don’t have little children to bathe). Although Jacuzzi-style bathtubs were very popular, showers are now more popular, especially in master bathrooms.

Spruce up with extra luxury shower items.

If you’re considering redesigning your bathroom, you might want to include a few extras to make your shower area unique and more functional.

In modern bathrooms, there are several optional features that can become extremely valuable. The best time to add these is during a remodel because it will cause fewer disruptions than adding them later.

Heated floors.

HDB Toilet Makeover heated floors in bathroom

Consider having a warm floor to place your feet on after getting out of the bath or shower. It’s a minor detail that has a big impact on how much you love it. In addition to being opulent underfoot, heated tile floors are also cost-effective.

Installing a heated floor will increase your initial costs. But it allows you to maintain comfort levels by lowering the main thermostat. There are not many fixtures that you can have in your bathroom that give a sensation of toasty toes and radiant heat that feels warmer than hot air—like the sun’s beams!

Wall-mounted elements.

Wall-mounted sinks, cupboards, and toilets give off a clean, contemporary aesthetic while creating more floor area. This lets you make your bathroom more open or add more storage. Once more, this opulent addition is a tiny detail that can have a big impact on the appearance and feel of your bathroom.

Freestanding pieces.

Many interior decorators advice including one free-standing piece, like a beautiful chair or cabinet, as a design feature if there is room.

You can reposition clothing hampers or other useful items to make up for the missing space. Otherwise, you can just transfer the hamper to a different room. Of course, you can also use ornamental objects for practical reasons as a place to store little items like soaps, towels, and other stuff.

Glass doors and curtains.

HDB Toilet Makeover glass door and curtains bathroom

A shower can appear larger with glass doors. Apply some sheen to your finishes. Metal grids, elegant hardware, or a framing element surrounding the entrance.

Additionally, bathing kids and teens gets a better experience with a soft, flexible curtain than a glass door. In case your style changes in the future, it’s simple to replace it with what suits your taste.

Thermostatic shower valve.

Although it sounds sophisticated, a thermostatic shower valve is essentially what provides the ideal temperature for your bath.

Thus, installing a thermostatic shower valve, which, in the event of a pressure shift, automatically modifies the hot and cold water to prevent scalding, will raise the overall cost of plumbing by a few hundred dollars.

Domestic plants.

Eco-friendly homeowners can also add domestic plants for a luxurious and earthy vibe in their washroom. Color is much needed in sterile restrooms, and plants provide it.

To provide your trailing plants with a comfortable place to live, think about putting in a floating shelf. This will also catalyze the oxygen and carbon dioxide flow inside the space.

Smart technology.

Smart technology
Currently, smart toilet technology is becoming a more and more sought-after luxury. You can precisely control the temperature, play music while taking a shower, and do a lot more with voice and Wi-Fi controls. Also, vanity drawers with outlets installed reduce clutter and prevent electrocution. For example, you can just open the drawer and plug in a hair blower or hair straightener to fix the hair.

Complete your HDB toilet makeover needs with a certified contractor!

Not every bathroom renovation has the same design. While some homeowners may be contemplating a complete HDB toilet makeover, others may simply be looking for minor cosmetic touch-ups.

Nevertheless, bathroom renovation services adhere to a very rigid and exact schedule, in contrast to some other types of home improvement tasks. When performed out of order, several tasks can be quite dangerous, particularly when undertaking more extensive bathroom repairs.

Creating your new floor plan is always the first step, no matter what kind of improvements you have planned. This could involve thinking about new locations for your toilet, shower, tub, and other fixtures, or it could just involve the sections that need to be retiled.


First, there are services for renovating bathrooms that concentrate on making as many repairs as possible without needing to replace fixtures and furnishings. Because these improvements use fewer, less expensive materials, they come at a comparatively low cost. When you want to update the look of your bathroom but still like the way it is laid out and functions, this remodeling is ideal.


Secondly, remodeling the entire bathroom and replacing certain components can be a preferable option if you’re looking for a thorough rejuvenation of the space’s appearance and functionality. With this, have the remodeler remove any walls and flooring that may contain the problematic fixtures, lights, and plumbing.


When redesigning a bathroom, the third level works best when the plan needs to be altered. Warning: Moving piping and fixtures from their existing placement is far more expensive than just a superficial touch-up.

Additionally, it produces a great deal more waste and debris that needs to be cleaned up before the restroom is used again. To install the new infrastructure, your remodelers might need to remove entire walls, even if you only change one component.

Cost-Effective HDB Toilet Makeover: Han Yong’s Guarantee for All!

HDB Toilet Makeover with HanYong

Here at Han Yong, a luxuriously designed and seamlessly relaxing bathroom is how we envision a complete HDB toilet makeover. We offer this to satisfy customers who value fine-touch finishes in their washrooms while being actively involved in the decision-making process. This is our decade-long zeal for professionalism that we always guarantee, regardless of the size or type of the project.

After our initial consultation, our skilled design and groundwork team will create a roadmap of how the whole process will move forward before we begin the groundwork. Hence, Han Yong guarantees that there won’t be any unnecessary expenses or add-on charges once the reconstruction starts after you sign the contract. We go over every step of the remodeling process in great detail to make sure that we do not miss anything.

Based on our experience, a modest to moderate bathroom renovation project usually takes two to three weeks to finish. Larger projects, however, that require specific designs or structural adjustments may cause the timetable to be extended by up to eight weeks. Nonetheless, a redesigned bathroom that matches its functionality is perfect for all families who want to use the HDB unit temporarily or permanently.

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