Lentor Street

Lentor Street

Singapore’s #1 Landed property Renovation contractor

Let your investment shine through

To be an owner of a landed in Singapore is something to be proud about. And we are here to ensure your property gets the facelift it deserves with our top-tier renovation services. From single buildings to multiple storey buildings covering large expanse of land, minor or major improvement, at Han Yon Building renovation contractors, we’re up to the task ahead.

We delight our customers with never seen before kind of exterior and interior designs thanks to an eye for detail that characterize all our projects. Through the use of quality materials, latest equipment, cutting edge skills, and expert knowledge we’ve come to position ourselves as the go-to renovation contractors for many landed property owners in Singapore because we help:

  • Optimize floor space
  • Protect and improve the value of your investment
  • Add new features and improve functionality
  • Make old landed property like new again
  • Correct design and structural flaws
  • Upgrade existing building to a more appealing and eye-catching façade

We’ll go about our business with the commitment to ensure your landed property transforms into nothing short of a spectacle to behold. Whether it is the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other part of your building, what we do include:

  • On site assessment and property evaluation
  • Development of a solution driven plan of action
  • Floor improvement including tiling, marble, concrete, wood etc. we provide a wide range of options
  • Wall and ceiling improvement
  • Interior designs to highlight the beauty of your home
  • Repair, adjustment, and installation of appliances
  • Windows and doors
  • Customized statement pieces, such as walk-in bars, automated solutions, and so on
  • And others including bringing the idea you have in your head to reality