Han Yong Bedroom Renovation Singapore: Trusted, dependable, and HDB Accredited!

Upgrade your bedroom to Magic with stunning bedroom interior designs

Bedrooms are a world of their own. And we strive to make yours the dazzling beauty amongst the galaxy.

“Boring” bedrooms- the kind that consists of a place to lay your head, few thrown about furniture, and “where you keep your clothes” are a thing of the past.

At Han Yong we look to the future and go about our business with purpose. For us, bedroom renovation means adding value to your HDB property, making a statement, and turning it into a haven you and your loved ones will look forward to coming back to. Comfortable, personal, and exciting!

Whether it is using art works to accentuate elegance, using interior décor to highlight boundaries, or settling for appropriate sized furniture to complement interior space, our professional bedroom renovators have got the right plan for you.

Because your satisfaction is most paramount, we are bedroom renovation contractor in Singapore that prides itself in carrying the client every step of the way. We’ll provide you with a detailed, no hidden agenda quote, and our experts will talk you through the entire process. No propaganda, no hidden cost, just honest business you’ll come to appreciate.

Get inspiration from our portfolio, or talk to us about your idea and we’ll do the rest!

Would you like to:

  • Like trade your old, boring bedroom for new, exciting and colorful space
  • Maximize floor space
  • Improve or mask a design or décor flaw
  • Make your room more functional with add-ons
  • Improve comfort
  • Get all these and more at a very flexible cost that is perfect for your needs and budget?

“Yes?” we think so too!

Our bedroom renovation Singapore services include:

Limitless possibilities

Renovating your room may mean different things: from energy efficient windows, skylights, automated HVAC systems, to customized walk-in closet. Whatever it entails, we’re ready to exceed your imagination.

Stylish bedroom interior designs in everyway

From IoT (Internet of Things) enabled building systems, underground heating, automated LED lighting, to purpose build features, Han Yong bedroom renovation Singapore will certainly add shimmer to your bedroom.

Handy and reliable bedroom wall, floor, and ceiling renovation

Sometimes getting the bedroom of your desires is like a phoenix. The old must give birth to the new. This might include bringing down walls, tearing down plasters, replacing tiles or ceilings. It can get messy; that’s why you need to allow us do the heavy lifting because we’re trained, equipped, and experienced contractors you can depend on.

Dazzling bedroom lighting

We can evaluate your lighting plan, make it more energy efficient, change the fittings, or adjust the position of the switches. Whatever it takes, to make your bedroom shine through!

Custom projects just for you

Got a special request, or an idea you want to talk about? We can’t wait to hear about it; get it touch today.

Bedroom renovation is an important investment. And Han Yong makes it a profitable venture. We use only industry grade genuine materials and parts. We resist the urge to cut corners for more profits. There are no hidden charges or “technical jargons” to navigate. And our services are tailor-built for each project.

Since your bedroom is an important part of your home: where you “re-charge” so to speak, and create memories, why wouldn’t you settle on a bedroom renovation contractor in Singapore that knows these too well?

Contact us now; let our experienced team of renovators help you achieve your bedroom renovation goals at a cost-effective rate- the only risk is a stunning outcome that makes jaws hit the floor.