Bathroom Renovation Contractor: Singapore’s go-to for one-of-a-kind Bathrooms

Improve the value of your HDB, first with a stunning bathroom!

Ok, you’ve decided your bathroom deserves some attention. But the trick is getting a dependable bathroom contractor in Singapore to bring your ideas to life?

We are sure we can:

Rely on the services of a tried and trusted bathroom renovation contractor

For a renovation of your bathroom that will make you proud, you need a bathroom contractor in Singapore that is at home with plumbing, tiling, fittings and all the other tasks that result in a perfect bathroom like you dreamed it.

And that’s what we’re about at Han Yong. We are committed to providing beautiful bathroom designs, flawless craftsmanship, and we’ll collaborate with you throughout the project- from its onset to stunning finish!

Here is what we mean:

  • Whether it is installing those fancy energy saving windows that’s the rave, or providing you with a trendy bathroom flooring of either trendy rugs, mats, carpets, or tiles, we’ll sure give your bathroom a breath freshness
  • Eye catching vanities that rock! From bathroom cabinets, towel storage bins, purpose built shelving etc. we can transform your bathroom into futuristic or vintage- just wish it.
  • Stylish bathroom lighting: turn the lights on and be greeted by a statement piece that will make you swell with pride.
  • Breathtaking color schemes. Such as matching the colors of the wall with other aspect of the bathroom. Who says your bathroom can’t be warm and colorful too.
  • Good turn-around time. We report early, and get to work without gimmicks!
  • We’re a fairly priced bathroom renovation contractor in Singapore. Save more, for more work done.
  • Peace of mind with a Housing and Development Board (HDB) accredited bathroom contractor. This means we’re dependable, trustworthy, and competent!

With over 1000+ happy residents in Singapore to show for it, we’ve come to be associated with quality bathroom renovation services. We guaranty your satisfaction- get in touch for a free no-string attached quote.