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Exciting Possibilities

Step into the majesty that is this renovated condo, a harmonious combination of interior aesthetics.  You have a choice to make, contact Han Yong renovation contractor right away and be excited about the possibilities.

The No 345 Palm Mansions project was quite an interesting option for sure. The client wanted the best interior design Singapore money can buy while also bringing in front some interesting challenges for our team. He has a small cooking space, so the focus was on making the kitchen modern, functional but also accessible.

In the case of this kitchen, we went with a gray and white color combination, which we found natural for an interior design Singapore. Here we made it easy for the client to reach both the upper and lower storage, all while offering him multiple options in regards to adding his stove and cooking system. As a renovation contractor Singapore we did bring in lots of ideas, but he chose this one and we do believe this suits his place the best. The stove and other cooking tools are easy to access. There aren’t too many cooking gadgets, which made things better and also quite easier for us.

Then we went with the bedroom renovation Singapore. Here we wanted to add as much diversity as possible. We brought in glass panels for both the furniture as well as the door itself. The customer wanted lots of natural light, so this fits in perfectly with his request and it manages to provide the necessary creative freedom.

On top of that, the No 345 Palm Mansions project is all about convenience. Everything is very easy to access, something that was a key component in the bedroom interior design talk we had with the client. But as you will notice from these images, the colors look great, they are super adaptable to the overall design and you will have a powerful blend of colors within the entire home.

Despite the fact that the No 345 Palm Mansions project might not have lots of space, our experience as a renovation contractor made it easy for our team to come up with a simple, yet very good design that includes everything you want in a powerful package. It’s a stellar and unique opportunity, one that does tend to pay off very well if you do it right. The customer enjoys how everything came together and he does appreciate how easy to access and functional the entire design came to be. If you need a professional renovation contactor Singapore that can provide this type of work quality, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our team today. We are more than happy to provide customers with the best home renovation Singapore at an affordable price!