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Exciting Possibilities

Step into the majesty that is this renovated condo, a harmonious combination of interior aesthetics.  You have a choice to make, contact Han Yong renovation contractor right away and be excited about the possibilities.

It’s never easy to try and achieve the results you want when it comes to your day to day life. You need to go through lots of challenges, hard work and commitment. But when you come home you want to feel happy and refreshed, eliminate all anxiety and just live in great comfort. Which is exactly what the No 31C Evergreen Park renovation is all about.

For this particular renovation, the client asked us to be their renovation contractor Singapore and he wanted to make his bathroom feel more appealing, all while making the most out of his small kitchen space. Since we provide both interior design Singapore and bathroom as well as bedroom renovation Singapore, we were up for the challenge.

The bathroom was a bit cluttered, so we wanted to simplify things a little bit. This is why you can find a very interesting, downright simplistic design here. There’s lots of storage space, but at the same time you don’t have to worry about walking over stuff and not using it the way you want. That’s obviously a problem, so we removed that and made the bathroom simple, but at the same time fun and a friendly place where you can hang out and enjoy your time.

In addition, the No 31C Evergreen Park kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space. Which is why we wanted to offer a great cooking space in the middle, with storage at the bottom and over the cooking space. You also have the fridge on the right too. We believe this is the best interior design Singapore for this kind of space and the client agreed. He wanted something simple, but functional and which would allow him to have tons of storage space. This interesting approach brings in the convenience and value you do want from something like this without having to rush anything in a particular manner.

The No 31C Evergreen Park renovation was a great experience for us and the client loved our work. This was a home renovation Singapore experience that brought us a unique challenge, and that is to offer our customer a way to make the most out of the current space without making it feel cluttered or unnatural. We are happy with the results and we know that lots of clients will want a similar interior just because it offers the perfect blend of value, quality and functionality. If you want a great renovation like this one, just contact us right now, we are your ultimate renovation contractor!