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Exciting Possibilities

Step into the majesty that is this renovated condo, a harmonious combination of interior aesthetics.  You have a choice to make, contact Han Yong renovation contractor right away and be excited about the possibilities.

Our renovation at the No 171 The Water Place was quite an interesting one. And that’s because the client wanted a good renovation contractor from Singapore which would keep the same color scheme for most of the house. That was a great idea and we immediately jumped in with a wonderful interior design Singapore idea that the customer liked right away.

As you can see in these 3D Renders, the light maroon tones really set the location apart and make it stand out in masterful ways. You rarely get to acquire this kind of features and you do need to find the best approach that will make such a location powerful and distinctive. And in this case it does tend to work the way you want for sure.

This project focused on the use of panels. The kitchen furniture includes panel-based storage systems and you have a similar approach in the bathroom too. The kitchen is all about having a simple cooking space for casual cooking. It’s nothing too complex, the focus is on having a place to prepare some meals, coffee in the morning and lots of storage space as well.

This bedroom renovation was also focused more on simplicity and quality. It uses a darker color for tiles and a lighter color for the furniture. This all blends together quite nicely, offering you the quality and great attention to detail that you would need in a situation like this. The fact that we had to make the most out of every tiny bit was space was a huge priority, but we managed to provide a great, relaxing and exciting space where the customer can enjoy his time and cool down after a challenging day.

With the No 171 The Water Place we are bringing in a great interior design idea. The customer was all about value and quality, all while offering a powerful and very distinctive feel. And we believe that everything comes together perfectly with that idea in mind. It works great, it’s really easy to get used to the design and it’s super functional.

If you want such a design we encourage you to contact HANYONG renovation contractor Jack and Theresa as we are a team of professional renovation contractor in Singapore and we can bring in our expertise to your own place. We will create an astounding, high quality kitchen, bathroom or bedroom interior design that you will enjoy!