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Without doubt, the kitchen is arguable important. Therefore working with a renovation contractor that knows how to balance safety, health, and aesthetics is golden. And by understanding these interactions and connections, Han Yong has been able to add value to the homes of thousands of condo dwellers in Singapore- providing the best kitchen designs and trusted kitchen renovations.

Upon initial contact, on-site or via interview we’ll provide you with a kitchen renovation plan. Here we’ll outline in detail options and solutions that will transform your kitchen to look great, feel the part, and definitely produce great healthy meals.

Having what it takes: the qualification, experience and skills, our experts will give you every reason to be delighted you found us.

  • Initial planning involving a team of experts spanning installers, architects, masons and so on. Their ideas and inputs improves efficiency, lower cost, and quality delivery
  • As a HDB accredited kitchen renovation contractors, we’ll meet all regulatory requirements
  • As experienced condo renovation contractors we’ll obtain all necessary approvals from your condo’s board so as to avoid incurring expenses
  • We collaborate and provide free suggestions which will allow you make informed decisions
  • Our staff will work with you in the aspect of schedules, budget, timelines, and supplies for your ultimate convenience.
  • We provide competitively priced kitchen renovations

Condo kitchen renovation Singapore

Irrespective of the size and scope of the project, our team of kitchen renovators is ideal for providing your condo with:

  • Be spoke and statement piece cabinet
  • Long lasting and exquisite counter tops and backsplash- marble, quarts, tiles, allows etc
  • Reliable Plumbing and fittings
  • Stylish tiles and painting
  • Dazzling lighting
  • Genuine, quality fittings, finishes and utility systems
  • And many more

We’re standing by to help you reach your kitchen goals, contact a Singapore’s trusted Kitchen renovation contractor today.