Is your condo’s bathroom in need of a jaw-dropping face lift?

At Han Yong, we’re one of few condo bathroom renovation contractors in Singapore that believe the bathroom is an excellent place to get excited about.

Most bathrooms you’ll find in condos are “generic” and/or old in desperate need for an upgrade. It is possible the tiles are broken or stained; fixtures lose or broken. Maybe the paints and walls are washed or cracked; or plumbing leaking water and creating unwanted pool of mess.

These are exactly the kind of problems we signed-up to solve at Han Yong. And if you’ll love to have custom made features installed in your bathroom, we can do that too.

Whether it is using shower curtain to create contemporary effects, swinging doors that prevent water spillage for easier access, floating vanity to create more space, or using smoked glasses to create a sophisticated finish, whatever the concept and design we settle on, our plan is to exceed your expectations.

There are many reasons to consider a condo bathroom renovation including improved safety, lower utility bills and aesthetics. Our goal therefore is to help you get value for your money’s worth.

And by relying on the latest technology, we’ll provide you with top-notch solutions that are eye-catching as they are energy efficient. This might include energy- efficient heaters, reliable water filters, automated LED lightings and so on.

Our bathroom renovation services include:

  • Paintings and Tiling
  • Fixtures, vanities and accessories installation
  • Remodeling, plumbing and lighting
  • Electrical and Mechanical works
  • Bathroom ceiling and flooring
  • And so on

Your bathroom is important whether it is in a condo or an apartment. You visit it every day and it is a vital part of your living. So why not make it inviting, safer, and highly efficient for improved comfort and value. Get in touch with us today lets get started.