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It’s your business to make more profits. And we’re renovation contractors that take it very personal.

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Once upon a time, businesses can afford to be careless in about every aspect. Now, it is all about marginal gains where every aspect including renovation projects will affect the whole. Choose the wrong commercial contractor and you risk a botched project, expensive re-works, or increased safety and health risks. All these will affect your bottom-line negatively.

But do not despair. We have the perfect team of specialized commercial renovation contractors to help you. We’re highly skilled, experienced, and HDB accredited in completing commercial renovation projects.

With an ethos that pays attention to details and robust knowledge of the market trend, we will transform your commercial property to a attractive location tenant and customers can’t ignore.

Our experts know how to go about getting the job done in crowded spaces without your business suffering. They can renovate, remodel, rebuild in a way to highlight the strengths of your brand. You focus on running your business, and let a dependable commercial contractor take care of the rest. And you’ll benefit in more ways than one because:

  • We’ll outline unique options included in detailed renovation plan highlighting the specific requirements as the business demands.
  • You’ll benefit from a pool of experts. From architects, to building engineers, and quantity surveyors etc. Each bringing its expertise to the table leading to an efficient, timely, and cost- effective outcome.
  • We go a step further to attend to other issues such as permits, traffic control, and tendering.
  • Renovations can make it possible for your building to become certified. Certified buildings attract premium rents which in turn translate to more revenue for you.
  • Appropriate installations and controls for better energy efficiency and tenant comfort will enhance your reputation and bottom-line in the long run

Whether it is a single commercial complex, a cluster of commercial estates across multiple locations, retail stores, offices, restaurants, or hotels, at Han Yong we are adequately staffed and equipped to handle even the most complex renovation projects. And with our years of experience, chances are we’ve handled a project similar to yours thus making it easier to get it right for you the first try.


There is tons of competition out there. Why not allow us help you stand out with one-of-a- kind commercial renovation- and we are confident you can handle the business end of things.